Inquisitor Deir Licaon


An old woman in a young body. She does not even remember how much money she has spent in the rejuvenating processes, but probably she is over 150 years old.
Long black hair and blue eyes. Always carries a plasma pistol with her.


Belongs to Ordo Xenos in the Calixis Sector.
Has several Cells operating in the Calixis Sector
Personal Cadre: details to be filled.
Cell Alpha: operates in Scintilla
Cell Beta: whereabouts Koronus Expanse
Cell Momentos: whereabouts Koronus Expanse
Cell Ork Booters [unknown details, but rummors at the Ordo Xenos makes belief that she had some sort of understanding with a group pf Ork Booters]. Officially Inquisitor Deir Licaon has always negated those rummors and blamed jelaous Inquisitors.
Cell Recrutas: this is the cell of the current campaign

Known Agents:Rogue Trader Captain Noltromo

Inquisitor Deir Licaon

This is an Inquisitorial matter, I take everything with me Likantron