This is an Inquisitorial matter, I take everything with me

Gathering and Mission Brieffing
The start of it all
The Acolytes are on board the spaceship Misfitorum. They are gathered in a small Hall by Agent Bimotto. The acolytes appeared from different ways to the meeting point and they do not know each other. Agent Bimotto makes the small introduction for each other explaining them that this will serve as a selection trial for all of them.
Of course I am not an Inquisitor you idiots Bimotto has tried to explain this several times to the new agents. But it seems that they are not sure if Bimotto is telling the truth or if this is just a part of the trial.…If you are succesful and if the Inquisitor believes you are worthy, you may have the chance to know more about the Inquisitor. For this moment, you need to carry on and follow my orders.
The acolytes receieved a dataslate with the following information.
+++++Begin message:
+++++Code: Selection mission-1
+++++Thought of the day: You are the lowest of the lowest, there are no thoughts for you

Greetings, this is Inquisitor Deir Licaon, your new Master and you are my scum. Agent Bimotto has selected you as possible members of my cells and you have the chance to prove whether you are misserable scum o my scum, the lowest level of any Acolyte serving the holy Inquisition.
Mission details: there has been a distress signal from one agent of the Holy Ordos located at the planet Sephira Secundus. This agent does not belong to the Ordo Xenos, my Ordos, but you are the closest operative Acolyte cell and this will be the perfect chance to prove yourselves.

Details of distress signal: Strange phenomena at Sephiris Secundus Gorgonic Mines. Plausible chaos cultists and weird manifestations occuring in the Mines. Reports from an Imperial guardsmen battalion has put the mines under quarantine. Mines have been sealed from the outside
Mission details:
  • Investigate strange phennomena occuring at Mines
  • If presence of cultists, heretics: cleanse, burn, kill, eliminate.
  • If presence of Xenos artifacts, retrieve objects and give them to Bimotto
  • Avoid interpherence with Imperial guard
Your identities: special security unit belonging to Noble commercia consortium Licaonix Magnifis. Present to inspect state of Mines and determine tithe lost during quarantine.
+++++End message
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